Screaming Lights - Volts

TC 06/09/2009

Rating: 2.5/5

Liverpool four-piece who play 'vintage Scouse psych' apparently! Their debut album is due out very soon and this is the latest single from said piece.

It taps into a variety of influences and is musically adept, with sparring guitars, a hard driving rhythm section and a commercially accessible tune, although it all sounds a little dated. Also, whilst it is an inoffensive enough song, it doesn't leave too strong an impression at the end of it. However, thanks to those nice people at Anti, the promo CD came complete with four other tracks from the forthcoming album and the band's sound is not monogenred that's for sure. There are hints of James, Joy Division and even eighties synth bands like Visage.

They will struggle to make an impact because there remains a lack of originality, but the abilities of the band are evident and the variety in sound is notable. The full set will impress more for sure and maybe an alternative choice of single now would have served them better. Either way, the proof of the Scouse stew will be in the album and I retain a high degree of optimism for that.

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