May Contain Nuts - Land Ho

Alex Skinner 27/10/2008

Rating: 2.5/5

With their balls to the wall punk attitude, Cardiff's own May Contain Nuts rage all out assault on whoever wants to listen. The steady rip roaring, angst riddled ideas get stuck together with fun times. New music ahoy! With the EP 'Land Ho' that consists of a few well constructed punk based songs to get you riled up like a perverse sailor who has docked at port.

Looking at 'One By One' it's certainly solid enough to get by with its fast paced chorus over fluid power guitar. Kicking and screaming 'The Bogeyman' swings in with some muddled ideas, mixing with media charged lyrics. Considering the lads used to make songs about chicks with d**** (penis), it is an attempt at growing up. In towards 'All One Riff' which is hot on the heels of bands that use the ordinary method of repetition in all one riff. It's nothing groundbreaking as it lacks substance, going nowhere fast. This also shows in 'March Left' where more pessimism is shown, leading to a lyrical dead end.

The lads shoehorn a hodgepodge of alcohol, induced lyrics into their songs so maybe they need time to grow. Although it's all for fun and free flowing thrash beats, it doesn't pack a punch, more of a thump. Saying that, there is potential once even more maturity takes its toll. 'Last Orders' falls to the wayside as the drunken sing-along doesn't cut the mustard sober. Maybe it sounds different when you're drunk? It seeps into yet another woeful tale of alcoholism amongst the misguided youth, not knowing where the future lies. A structure is there for MCN to build upon.