Jack Cheshire - Allow It To Come On

Matt Churchill 12/01/2008

Rating: 4.5/5

It's only once in a while that as a lowly reviewer, you recieve a record that could be of real significance. This is one of those rare finds.

Jack Cheshire recorded the LP in his North London bedroom, and its lo-fi intensity is reminiscent of one the greatest records of the '70s singer songwriter genre, Nick Drake's 'Five Leaves Left'. 'Allow it To Come On' is a wonderfully arranged work that is every bit innovative as it is using borrowed bits and bobs from various influences.

'Little Moon', has a beautifully crisp melody which is almost child-like in its naivity, but like a child who wishes to be great, Cheshire needs encouragement to come out of his shell and develop - as the record goes on his confidence blossoms. 'Fireworks' is a guitarist's wet dream, with a cleverly plucked melodic lead line that sounds like a master at work.

'Lady Luck' stands out with its bluesey overtones and cracking vocal delivery, which contrasts with the ambient swellings of 'The Old Easy Way' to demonstrate his versatility.

With a sound that is almost like Turin Brakes before they went spiralling downwards, and a voice that is at points fragile, Cheshire has created a wonderfully thought provoking record which is a delightfully spent moment in time.

Released 14th January 2008