Scouting For Girls - She's So Lovely

Bruce Turnbull 23/10/2007

Rating: 3/5

I'm not sure if the infectious nature of 'She's So Lovely' sits well with me. Occasionally, bands like London based indie-poppers Scouting For Girls tend to break through to an audience during arguably the driest season of quality, and somehow manage a smash hit. It's hard to determine whether Scouting For Girls are one of those bands, as 'She's So Lovely' is a corker of a single, and has "one hit wonder" written all over its shiny visage. This could well be a good head start for the quirky trio, as their profile in the UK is doubtlessly higher than that of the many, many facsimiles currently circulating with little or no mainstream recognition.

The song itself is rather charming, with their quasi-cockney delivery and cheeky, boyish swagger making their appeal all the more accessible. Take Blur's warm, interminable charisma, the light-weight enthral of Lit, and the eccentric, melodious idiocy of Madness, mix them gently in a pork pie hat, shove it in front of a piano and what will emanate will be pure, concrete marketability. While we wait for Scouting For Girls to deliver the naked hits of the future, we can all enjoy - even if it's not to our liking - the moral behind 'She's So Lovely'. An insanely catchy tune; worthy of Oxford definition under 'songs we love to hate'.