Wild Beasts, Napoleon IIIrd

Paul Cook 21/02/2009

Norwich Arts Centre recently played host to Wild Beasts who performed a mix of Limbo, Panto material interspersed with new tracks to come in 2009. In some people's opinions the night might have been seen as a slight disappointment, failing to sell out, failing to really ignite and possess a true live music feel to it. However it was the sombre, relaxed evening of music inside the Arts Centre, a venue that once upon a time was a church and is now an intimate entertainment centre full of character and uniqueness, that made for a truly memorable experience.

Opening with The Devils Crayon, a timeless, delicate demonstration of vocal and instrumental talent, the Leeds four-piece began as they meant to go on; stylishly and eloquently. Followed by a brace of new tracks which sound a solid continuation of the quality contained in Limbo, Panto and then a fantastic rendition of She Purred… the band had seemingly improved since last performing in Norwich as a support to Foals possessing even more prowess and masterful vocals.

Continuing with album favourites His Grinning Skill and Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants the band impressed throughout the evening delivered dual vocals that are seldom heard in such quality and on-stage instrumental experimentation, displaying a confidence and belief in their unique style and sound. Further future material was performed and assured the audience that the follow-up album is one to definitely look out for. In the meantime however, catch them live if you can, before of after they embark on their US Tour in a week or so.