The Mystery Jets - Show Me The Light

Alex Yau 16/11/2010

Rating: 3/5

The Mystery Jets certainly bring a sense of nostalgia to the indie dancefloors. Sure, the likes of The Drums, Summer Camp or The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart seem like giants in the current 80's comeback scene right now, but there's no forgetting that The Mystery Jet's were the forefathers in its re-awakening. Twenty One showcased the bands first step into this style, which was a departure from the progressive folk sound of Making Dens. Whether you loved or hated this new change of pace it was here to stay, as Serotonin proved by sticking by to the band's choice of style.

Fans of Twenty One will rejoice. Show Me The Light displays all the pop sensibilities that the previous and current record boasted. The opening synth revolves and swells around you like your stomach churning, whilst the upbeat basslines bring the band on close par to a lighter Bizarre Love Triangle of New Order. The rotating tubular bells bring an element of festive cheer. Brilliant considering that it's mid-November right now.

Show Me the Light is a charming and apt name for the band's latest single. Light has certainly been shown from the bands choice of constant style, and it seems they'll continue to see more of it.