Florence and the Machine

Luke Hannaford 06/10/2009

GIITTV's Luke Hannaford recently had a few minutes chat with girl of the moment Florence Welsh vocalist of massively hyped, Mercury prize nominees Florence and the Machine.

Hey how are you today?

I'm good thanks!

Can you describe your album 'Lungs' in three words?

Catastrophe, Choir, Crash.

How was Leeds and Reading Festival this year? And were there any bands you were looking forward in seeing?

It was good. Really amazing! Well actually we nearly got electrocuted in Leeds because it was pissing with rain and our drummer was underneath a shower of rain and the show got called off for one song because we were all going to die from an electric shock. I was looking forward to seeing The Big Pink and I also wanted to see Passion Pit though but yeah it was awesome.

You've become extremely successful this year with a massive campaign behind you how are you finding life under the spotlight?

It's okay I mean I think like, you know... I got into this because I like performing and I like making music and it does go with part of the deal. Uhm And I think as long as you take it with a pinch of salt... All of my friends are people I work with anyway, I think people would keep me informed if I was becoming a diva! [laughs]

With the increase in reality TV shows such as the X Factor do you think there is a lack of genuine talent?

No, I mean with everything like the X Factor it's not like people don't have talent. It's just they're looking to use their talent in a certain direction, that maybe isn't as original as others. It's just an easy way to get noticed. I mean with X Factor if you can't sing you don't go through. I don't think it's a lack of talent, I just think it's lack of originality.

You must have an extensive wardrobe, where do you get your clothes from. Do you have any particular designer you prefer?

Charity shops mainly, everything I'm wearing now comes from a charity shop. I have an extensive wardrobe but I don't think any of it cost me more than a fiver. When I do gigs I do uhm get stuff in from designers, but I have to give it all back it's not like mine, it's like mine for a second.

Do you think having the song 'Kiss with a first' as part of the soundtrack on the film Jennifer's Body helped you gain recognition globally?

I don't know. I mean all of that stuff helps doesn't it? Especially with the likes of America you know and if you do stuff like that in Britain and Europe. Massive.

I think in Britain it's quite easy to become very well known, very quickly. We're a very small country our passion for music means that everything comes like a hot-bed, you know. In some senses it feels like we own music? And I think that other countries are a lot more relaxed about it so I think it's a good way to get noticed, definitely.

You've been compared to the likes of Kate Bush. Do you think that's a fair comparison?

I don't think we have a similar singing style at all.. but maybe her music is undefinable, so in that sense..

But you used to listen to her music?

I did, but that amongst other things like, the Velvet Underground, Love, Incredible String Band, Rolling Stones.

When writing where does your inspiration come from?

Uhm, it comes from all over the place it comes from... I get inspired by an art installations, by poetry, by conversation you know anything. I mean by literally indulging into gothic horror story fantasies, and living them out in song.

You've been nominated for MTV's Best UK and Ireland New Act along with La Roux, Pixie Lott etc. Do you think you have a good chance of winning in terms of the style of music?

I don't know, Gosh I don't know!

What do you think the future has in store for you?

Well it kind of looks like the future here. Like this landscape is quite futuristic I think, next to the old mill with that like amazing space... beetle building (The Sage). We were in there last night actually having cocktails inside the space beetle. I duno I mean hopefully uhm move out, I'm still living with my mum. In the future I hope not to be living with my mum!

What word of advice would you give to new artists trying to make it into the music industry?

Play Live, if you were good people would still want to see you more and don't be afraid to push yourself forward, maybe even things that are outside of your comfort zone but if you don't try something how do you know? You're gonna have to make sacrifices and if it does get going it'll take over your whole life, so you have to make sure it's something you really wanna do.

Photos by Adam Prosser