Pete Lawrie - All That We Keep

Tiffany Daniels 03/09/2010

Rating: 1/5

I've been avoiding Pete Lawrie. It seems like the world and his friend have been trying to introduce me to this Penarth based artist. I've been unusually coy on the matter, because several months ago I visited his MySpace page and in a typical swoop decided I didn't like what I heard, and moved on, as any reasonable music critic would. The Internet, it seems, won't let me move on; neither will it let me do the Right and Good thing of ignoring what I do not like. So, with no further ado, here goes:

'All That We Keep' is mediocre. It's a bit mundane. At best, it compares to Jack Johnson; it certainly doesn't echo the enviably innovative talents of Tom Waits, as others have claimed. I don't particularly want to listen to this song any more, but my head's not going to explode if I'm forced to. It's inoffensive, and par for the course given Britain's current music scene. There is always filler; there will always be a Pete Lawrie, which is exactly why I have been avoiding his work.

The only interesting aside I can muster is that this single has been produced by Rollo, who is obviously keen to contribute to the new folk movement, following a recording session with Kyla la Grange last year.

Now please Internet, for the love of God, I've been unnecessarily mean! Stop telling me about Pete Lawrie!

Release Date: Out Now