Emma Jackson 02/06/2008

Chart Topper Duffy last night had the ABC ready to burst. A mixed crowed cheered as the singer emerged on stage to a single spot light. Opening tracks highlighted just what a raw talent Duffy is - as she belted out tunes such as Syrup and Honey acoustically.Once she had the crowd eating out the palm of her hand, tracks originally B-sides were performed and to much delight they were equally fantastic as any other tune by the welsh wonder.

Joking with the crowd as one fan wolf whistled at her, Duffy replied with “Oi, cheeky.” Duffy told the crowd “I love your accent, but can't understand a word you are saying!” This amused the crowd.

Duffy showcased her dancing skills to her number one hit Mercy, swinging her hips and the mike like a lasso to go along with it. Warwick Avenue had the crowd singing their hearts out to the tear jerking tune.

After this evening members of the crowd will be humming her tracks for the next fortnight, this alone shows how successful Duffy has become in a short period of time. This Welsh lass certainly has a lot more to offer and I cannot wait to see it.