Brinkman - Change It

Louise Evans 30/07/2007

Rating: 2.5/5

Naming a single after a famous actress is a rather crafty way of gaining some extra publicity. Brinkman did precisely that with previous release 'Kirsten Dunst' which brought the trio to the attention of many people including EMI (who resurrected the His Master's Voice label especially for them) and the song's namesake. On the evidence of this track, it would seem unlikely that they would have achieved such levels of interest based purely on the merits of the music.

'Change It' is another offering of their very English sounding, sunny guitar-pop. From the start the bass guitar and drums bounce along, soon joined by lashing of particularly jangly guitar. What is missing though is a level of vibrancy and playfulness needed to give the track an extra edge. Likewise there seems to be the same slight lack of inspiration to the lyrics; whilst easy to sing along to, the repetition soon borders on tiresome. The end result is a single which is lackluster and missing the final component that could have made this a catchy summery hit.