The Mergatroid - Demo

Keely Toozer 12/06/2006

Rating: 4/5

The Mergatroid hail from the scene which spawned the questionable 'thamesbeat' phenomenon, though thankfully display none of the repetition and tedium apparent in so many London-based bands at the moment.

Trying to pigeonhole The Mergatroid in to a specific genre is quite impossible, its likely to lead to hernias through sheer effort. Their demo is a jumble of every imaginable sound, as if a drunken Beethoven's broke in to a music shop and had his way with every instrument in the place. Luckily the result is a sweet little musical child.

Although every song on this 5 track demo had me warbling along wordlessly and tapping my toes, the stand-out track for me has to be Sackcloth, a song about a father-son drunken outing between God & Jesus (the basis for any epic song, I'm sure you'll agree). Other tracks on the demo 'My Advice', 'The War Effort', 'I Am The Wish' and the comically titled 'Egg-U-Like', all encompass the whimsicality The Mergatroid ooze so effortlessly.

This demo, and the band themselves, may not appeal to all, but they certainly will to those who are looking for something fresh and different to the 'norm'. I think it's about time we moved away from the 'indie' cookie-cutter style that's taking over the British music scene at the moment, and The Mergatroid are definitely a step in the right direction.