Young Knives - Up All Night

Paul Cook 13/02/2008

Rating: 4/5

'Up All Night' is lyrically and instrumentally pleasing with a cutting, simple guitar line throughout that complements the quirky yet observant lyrics. The general riff is a bit common if something has to be picked upon, adopting a very standardised, go-along-with-the-lyrics style that gets tiresome rather quickly. This said, the drums roll on in the background stirring an excellent energy and atmosphere in the song, whilst the guitars provide a certain exemplar of the style and flair that Young Knives have become known for. 'Up All Night' is very much an example of the 'if it aint brokeā€¦' notion, sticking firmly with the band's traditions of simple, stabby riffs and brash, energetic drum accompaniment.

Unfortunately, there really isn't enough of this song, giving only a taster of the truly infectious guitar lines. Another verse and rendition of the opening instrumentals would make this song really something to behold. However, that said, the Young Knives new track, at just 2.49 is short, snappy and very catchy with a sing-a-long chorus that's sure to become a fan favourite at gigs.