Sophie Barker - Leaving On A Jet Plane

Thomas 14/11/2006

Rating: 2/5

What a little whore we have here. Who? Not Sophie Barker, who we're sure smells like daisies, but 'Jet Plane' itself, a serial cover version if ever there was one. A little memory-jogging confirms that it's been renting itself to all comers over the last 40 years, sneaking out of John Denver's back pocket to be used or abused by everyone from Joplin to Aerosmith, simple of melody and universal of subject as it is.

So now we find its services being acquired by Sophie Barker, occasional Zero 7 vocalist, and the question hanging over proceedings is… why? These days cover versions are for charity compilations not digital-only singles young lady, and while your sunny-morning treatment is as pleasant as pillows, we need this like we need whooping cough, or McFly. Something original with that gorgeous voice next time please.