Josh Pyke - Feeding The Wolves

Sam Floy 06/10/2006

Rating: 4/5

Josh Pyke has produced a captivating album - 'Feeding the Wolves'. The acoustic Aussie has conjured an excellent array of compositions hitting the vocals with every tuneful harmony blending superbly to create a gentle bliss within your ears.

Pyke has recently revealed his identity to the world after 'breaking up' and then 'reforming' from his one man band 'Night Hours' and so with a new (and improved) name 'Josh Pyke' he goes from strength to strength with his ever developing skills as a singer song writer - ever present in 'Feed The Wolves'.

'Middle Of The Hill' is when Pyke reveals some home truths of the way that his older sister “took him under her wing” and he tells of other goings on in Lil' Josh's childhood. This upbeat/downbeat song has a bubbly tune and yet reminiscent thoughts of his slightly sad youthful adventures - “I don't pay enough attention to the good things when I got them” is repeatedly told to himself at the end of rhythmic composition. This, along with 'Private Education' and 'Goldmines', all have the commercial means to bring Pyke financial success but every track on the stunning collection is a divine yet diverse in their own right, complementing each other with harmonic vocals and a sweetly played guitar.

Though a short, seven tracked album it is conciseness does not hinder the display of Pyke's clear vocal ability that lends to the equally enjoyable and likeable music that supports him throughout. 'Fill You In', third track, and Pyke's soothing voice arrives early on to help you unwind and relax, and the same description can be said for the following track - 'Goldmines' except this time underlying violins add even more to the impressive effect, both with mellow and artistic lyrics and soft music.

There is not much more that can be said for this album except - why only give us seven tracks Josh? Still make sure that you invest in this cracking CD, bitesize it may be, as it will leave you loving the sounds and melodies produced from your speakers.

Less is more, who am I kidding.