Pure Reason Revolution - Cautionary Tales For The Brave

Benjamin Short 03/10/2005

Rating: 4/5

Remember Live 8? A day of vital politics and powerful musical performances, brought to a dramatic conclusion by the show-stopping spectacle of Pink Floyd. Isn't it a shame that such a creative, visionary band has withdrawn into hibernation once again?

Yet for the time being, perhaps Pure Reason Revolution will suffice as a replacement. 'Cautionary Tales for the Brave' is the debut EP from the band NME describe as “final proof that prog is no longer a four letter word”. Truly, they bear all the hallmarks of pretentious 1970s rock: There are lengthy instrumental passages, twelve-minute songs divided into chapters, and most tellingly of all, 'The Bright Ambassadors of Morning' pilfers its title from the Floyd's 1971 opus, 'Echoes'. Mercifully, there are no beards whatsoever, and only one lyrical reference to wizardry! Undoubtedly, there is more to Pure Reason Revolution than mere revivalism. Opening track 'In Aurelia' features shockingly profound guitar riffing, and forthcoming single 'The Intention Craft' is characterised by captivating call and response verses. Simultaneously, this is more dense and accessible than fellow contemporary boffins such as Muse and The Mars Volta. Pure Reason Revolution are light-years ahead of their enemies.