Blah Blah Blasé - Grandad

Russ Essom 17/12/2006

Rating: 3/5

Any arty farty types out there? Any electro-pop digging, 80's gear wearing punky, French types? I do hope so, on account of the fact that Blah Blah Blasé's 7” single will give them something to shout about - not mention something to jive to. A-Side track, “Grandad” is a simple but funky example of how a drum machine can better your life. This, grouped with a spaced-out sounding vocalist, snappy guitar tones and thumping rhythms make for a corker of a track. Don't be too surprised if you hear this song at every modern indie disco you go to for the rest of time.

Unfortunately, the flipside of the vinyl doesn't quite have the same punch. “Infatuation”, the second track lacks the bite that “Grandad” possess; whilst employing many of the same techniques, stylistics and dynamics as its predecessor, but it has a more of a droned, down-beat feel. Not a bad debut by any means, you will be hearing “Grandad” everywhere soon.