Kelis - Lil Star

Bill Cummings 19/01/2007

Kelis releases her new single 'Lil Star' on February 19th. The track was produced by Cee-Lo (Gnarls Barkley) and also features him on guest vocals. Watch the video here:

Kelis- Lil Star- video

Here's the rather glowing press blurb:

Kelis's fourth album, 'Kelis Was Here', is a passionate window into her moods, tastes and emotions. Part of it encompasses dealing with life's darker moments. Her new single, the soulful and pensive 'Lil Star', features Kelis singing about the time when she has self-doubt, giving fans a look at her vulnerable side. “I can't be confident and bold and obnoxious all the time,” Kelis says. “What kind of person would I be? I'm a human being and I have other sides, too. I'm not always secure and I'm not always confident. I have moments where I get self-conscious.”

Many artists strive to be innovative. Kelis does it naturally. Whether it was giving early production from the Neptunes extra bite with her sassy vocals, screaming on a scorned lover on her breakthrough “Caught Out There” single, teasing potential suitors on the sly “Milkshake” or causing heads to turn with her forward-thinking fashion sense, Kelis has always been in her own league, a singer and entertainer that others look to for inspiration.