Aqualung - Cinderella

Robert Macpherson 09/06/2007

Rating: 4/5

“To me, you're strange and you're beautiful”. It has been five short years since Matt Hales sang those familiar lines that have become synonymous with his musical incarnation, Aqualung. He may as well have been describing this first single from his third studio album 'Memory Man', a track that shows the lads from Keane that not all piano-fuelled rock has to be uninventive and mundane.

'Cinderella' jerks and quirks through a maze of timid piano notes, heavenly voices and schizophrenic drums, part electronically looped in the distance, part relentlessly propelling the song through the foreground. The song has few hooks, feeling more like a hidden gem of an album track as opposed to a lead-off single, perhaps a major reason why a different track was chosen to be the first released stateside, but it is not without its own distinct charm. The song presents a songwriter confident of his musical direction and proficient in orchestrating his vision; a blissful success.

Released: 11/06/2007