Morrissey - Greatest Hits

Duncan Bradley 01/04/2008

Rating: 4.5/5

Morrissey - Greatest Hits by Duncan Bradley

Right, so what significance does this release hold? We all know Morrissey through and through (and if not I suggest you drop out now - drop out of life because you shan't make it through) so perhaps another compilation of questionably chosen hits from the past two decades is far from necessary. I disagree wholly and sincerely, largely because the man himself feels it a necessity.

The record features thirteen jewels from Morrissey's past yet it barely holds a torch to his career. To sample Morrissey's solo catalogue alone is to struggle with possibility, to defy clear transitions and progressions. And so the selected thirteen tracks focus largely on Morrissey's recent work, with only two tracks dating back to 'Viva Hate' and just two more originally released before the turn of our precious new millennium.

Morrissey's kind heart has also blessed us with a pair of previously unreleased tracks, each of which reveals a slightly edgy Mozman sound. Dirty guitar and crude cowbell provide an alternative to Morrissey's previously placid musical accompaniment; the combination proving to have a profound effect on the attitude with which Morrissey's lyricism hits.

Playing ignorant to criticisms of a slapped together compilation of easily disputed choice, the album cements Morrissey into my heart-shaped musical box for eternity. Morrissey holds our world steady. He governs our lives. Lyrical god, spiritual idol, musical genius - call him what you will, Morrissey carves beautiful pictures in our minds and we shall one day soon all follow him like rats followed the pied piper, to a better place.