Boy Kill Boy - No Conversation

Paul Cook 30/10/2007

Rating: 3/5

With an uncharacteristically simple, bland riff and following with a verse of equally lack lustre instrumentals, Boy Kill Boy's new release 'No Conversation' isn't a scratch on previous toe-tappers 'Suzie' and 'Civil Sin' yet its chorus has a new element, invigorating the old punk-rock style with a more pop-oriented style. The ease of repeat listening is something the track certainly possesses, catchy in tone and lyrics and sure to become a popular live track. Many may like 'No Conversation' but for many it will be a disappointment as it seems Boy Kill Boy have not taken any steps to further their music with this single.

'No Conversation' feels like a lost bonus track from 'Civilian' or unreleased B-side to 'Suzie.' Nothing is particularly wrong with the track and nothing is exactly right with it either. The lyrics, the vocals, the riffs and the whole feel of the track are quite ordinary. For Boy Kill Boy fans this song is a good start to the new album, encompassing most of the elements that made the band popular in the first place. However, if you didn't like Boy Kill Boy before you won't like them now either.

Released 5th November 2007