Tim Deluxe - Let The Beats Roll

Bruce Turnbull 21/05/2007

Rating: 1/5

I'll be honest, I know very little about this release. Largely due to an absence of a press bio and the fact that I hate this too much to actually research the blokes that made it would only lengthen my discomfort. As far as I can gather, the new banging tune from Tim Deluxe features vocals from Simon Franks of The Audio Bullys fame. Both of which I hate in the first place, and frankly, dance music to me is like the aural equivalent of Chlamydia, so pardon me if you disagree with my superfluous rambling, but this sucks more than a Texan prostitute, and there is really little I can say about it.

Sounding most like a late 80s techno record, “Let the Beats Roll” fumbles its way through three and a half minutes before finally giving up the chase. Franks' vocals lie uncomfortably on top; a low, dolorous drone that colours the track a deeper shade of mundane. The only people I can even imagine listening to this mindless bunkum are chavs or disillusioned office workers who thrive upon music reflective of their routine driven existence. Making things worse are the six superfluous remixes that do nothing but prolong this musical agony. Read my lips: A V O I D.