Alcoholic Faith Mission - Running With Insanity

Mike Hughes 26/01/2011

Rating: 4/5

Faith being repaid. A simple recursive fractal theme that comes through twice, three times in one song. The song in question is imminent new single 'Running With Insanity' by Danish band Alcoholic Faith Mission. The faith involved is when this particular band has already produced things that have lodged in my heart, in the form of their two last albums, and then they go and mix things up a tad. The elements of the sound are still there of course, but this new single feels more fairground, with choo-choo sea-shanty mouth organ, chanting and clapping, more rounded out, less whispered in your ear.

The faith involved is also reflected in the the words of the song - "Nice enough to know you....but I'm saving myself for someone else" - a sweet angst to suffer, hoping that devotion will bring its reward. Third time round is simply in the name - that Alcoholic Faith Mission should produce a song about, ermm, faith. A nice touch.

The whimsy works, it's an utterly charming song particularly once you get under the skin, and one that will help to further AFM's ever burgeoning critical acclaim.

Alcoholic Faith Mission - Running With Insanity by Paper Garden Records