Nadie - Like I Used To

Martin Drury 15/08/2005

Rating: 4/5

This remarkably refreshing ode to the scoundrel is Nadie's right-to-reply to a disruptive influence who broke her heart during a particularly traumatic time in her life when she could have done with the support of someone close. The superb Jo Webb on guitars and keyboards creates a chilling ambience in conjunction with Dave Marks on bass. Alex Toff on drums provides the song with a heart; waiting for Nadie to provide the tune with a soul. Nadie's vocals are stunning and she commands the song from the first breath onwards. To the former lover, this is a punch in the face and a reminder of just how much he is missing out on. To women all over the world, this is an anthem in times of chaos. To men, it's a peck on the cheek from a reminder that always whispers to us of the importance of women in our lives. 'I Break Twice', the second track, would hold its own with an Annie Lennox ballad and in this short single Nadie introduces us to her talent, her vocal range and her drive to move forward and bring her music to the world. 'Like I Used To' is a debut with the potential to stop traffic and promises so much for the future.