Serotone - Shine Alone

Matt Harrold 04/09/2007

Rating: 1/5

Track time: 0:01 Lead vocals kick in. My heart drops so far my testicles get squashed with every heart beat, I've heard it before in the likes of a million US metal rockers gone mainstream. Even more disturbing is it sounds like an anemic Billy Cyro.

Track time: 0:23 The Lyrics are all about not being able to turn your back on life. I bloody wish I could at this point, if only to get away from the genie of clich├ęs and his magic lamp of throw away songwriting.

Track time: 0.48 Oh it's the forgone loud chorus part. At least it ends up sounding like a second rate Mars Volta, except without all those genius little electronic beeps, boops and mad Latino guitar solos. Hmmm...ok, maybe less Mars Volta and more Stained on Prozac?

Track time: 2:13 Ah it's the post hardcore guitar solo. It only lasts 17 seconds but at least it breaks up the monotony. Mind you so would a nuclear missile striking my back garden...I know which one I'd prefer.

Track time: 2:30 The lead singer's warbling like he's trying to warm it up. Either that or they forgot to write lyrics for this part (thank god).

Track time:4:03 Silence. Sweet merciful silence. There's nothing worse in the world then sitting through boring music, maybe I should write to Gautanimo Bay and suggest they stick it on their mental torture mix tape?

Release date 10/09/07