Taking Back Sunday - Twenty-Twenty Surgery

James McDonald 15/08/2006

Rating: 2/5

Taking Back Sunday have always had an enviable ability to write great tunes, all the while sticking to a pretty familiar blueprint. 'Twenty-Twenty Surgery' however, is the result of the band waking up one day; messing up their otherwise perfectly styled hair in an attempt to be different, and getting it oh so very wrong.

This is the second single from the new, more 'rock 'n' roll' Taking Back Sunday, and it's simply 4 minutes of a band trying desperately to be something it's not. The track is a mess of jagged attempts at originality, which flow awkwardly until the fa├žade breaks, resulting in an inevitable barrage of pop-punk (possibly the chorus, I don't think it matters in the end).

I suppose the band are owed respect for trying to swim in deeper waters, but unfortunately someone really should've said, 'guys, just stick to what you know' way before the song got anywhere near to being released. What's more, this track is taken from an album of brilliant material, keeping company to songs of much better quality than itself. So if the wounds weren't salty enough, this new single is a regular bucket of seawater.

To sum up then, it would seem Taking Back Sunday have officially become the uncool dad who tries so hard to connect with his kids, and not even 'Twenty-Twenty Surgery' will cure that ailment. Possibly the worst thing this band have ever released.