Cary Brothers - Ride

Alex Skinner 13/07/2008

Rating: 3/5

Singer-songwriter Cary has had a whirlwind adventure filled few years on the scene, gaining recognition from a previous track off the hit film Garden State. Cary and his Californicated ways intends to make a go of it with the new single 'Ride'. Having a charmingly clean voice, 'Ride' kicks in taking us on a soundtrack styled adventure, yet again.

Nowadays, Mr Brother's musical styling gets utilised in hit TV shows so there is usually much hype. May he 'Ride' on the Coat-tails of previous work but he has the capabilities of making emotive songs.

The one element where the track fails is being over produced and somewhat forced. The track avoids simplicity and has instead an air of perfection that it doesn't need. It also sounds better live, where it works a treat. The dance remix by Tiesto may appeal to the dance audience but it doesn't feel right.

Best kept simple but a malleable track that will ride high.