Chris TT - A-Z

Matt Harrold 01/03/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

There's not enough British artists these days willing to put their necks on the line with their political views. No, really. When was the last decent protest song you heard make it onto the radio? Forget band aid, the worlds answer to what an ego-wank would look like with various pseudo artists getting together to solve world hunger, and really ask yourself which British acts have put pen to paper and garnered praise for taking a stand? Ian Brown made a fairly strong statement with his anti-Iraq song in 'Illegal Attack' but with the current state of the world is that all we can really muster? Rock'n'roll and the underground music scene is supposed to be where the masses kick back against the system. Instead were given half obscure songs about love, the opposite sex and how life is generally shit for those of us in modern society. Where's the tunes to man the barricades too? Where's the songs to put fire in your belly and makes you get up off your arse to do anything?

Thank fuck then that artists like Chris T-T are around. Someone with more to say then just “I really want to sleep with you but I'm an insecure artist type”, and though his latest single is likely to get about much airplay as your average Al-Qaeda propaganda, it's lifting to know that someone with such an acerbic sense of humour can pick up their guitar with intent. 'A-Z', taken from his upcoming album 'Capital', is a kick in the groin against government inspired fear, “There was never any invasion/there were never any monsters/They made them up to keep everyone scared” he sings and just by looking in your daily paper you can tell it's a pretty spot on observation of society at large. Not to say he gets it all right, who ever suggested overlaying the annoyingly pitched synth keyboard should be shot at dawn, in small doses it would have been fine but all the way through the song? Come on Chris, what were you thinking?! Still at least there's one underground social poet who's willing to make some noise and wake us up, and that alone is worth it's weight in gold.