Alkaline Trio - Hell Yes

Louise Evans 12/02/2007

Rating: 4/5

Having initially been hidden away as a bonus track on 2001's From Here To Infirmary 'Hell Yes' could easily have been all but forgotten. However Alkaline Trio have resurrected the track for their new collection of rarities (Remains) and for this coinciding single.

'Hell Yes' is a prime example of why Alkaline Trio became and have remained much loved when so many within the pop punk genre have been ridiculed. Musically upbeat and exceedingly catchy but with enough prominence given to the drums and, in particular, to Dan Andriano's pounding basslines to retain a menacing edge. But as always the real darkness is contained in the lyrics. 'Hell Yes' tells of feeling let down by God and turning to Satan. Themes of drunkenness, loneliness and misbehaviour may not be original but Matt Skiba manages to incorporate enough insight and style into his lyrics to set them apart.

The other part of this double A-side release is a remix of 'Burn' by Rancid's Tim Armstrong. Any signs of the track's punk origins have been stripped away and replaced with a full reggae treatment. The vocals have been flattened slightly with distortion which pushes them into the background resulting in a more chilled feel.

This limited edition 7” will definitely be a must for fans particularly for the previously unreleased remix, but it is also a brilliant showcase of Alkaline Trio's talents for the uninitiated.