MIKA - Grace Kelly

Tim Miller 16/01/2007

Rating: 4/5

Around October time last year, certain music circles began talking in hushed tones about a 'Mika'. These music circles, though, were the ones more interested in what an acquisition Mika would be to a record company. And, oh, how right they were. MIKA, as we now know as the correct way to write his name, is indeed another singer songwriter, and cannot fail to be utterly huge in 2007. Come in James Blunt, your time is up.

MIKA's assault on the mainstream has already begun, Grace Kelly having hit number 3 in the singles chart on downloads alone. The song itself is a jaunty trip through punchy piano chords and a pompous rhythm, with inch-perfect backing vocals lifting the poptastic chorus high into the air. Almost too nice, the song is saved from being child's play by MIKA's astonishing voice, which has earned him comparisons to Freddie Mercury and Elton John. In one moment breathy and secutive, the next effortlessly rich, MIKA also reaches epically high echelons in the chorus that have brought further comparisons to chartbusters Scissor Sisters. One thing's for sure, MIKA will be giving them a run for their money in the battle for chart positions this year.

An unashamedly pop-driven debut single for 2007's hottest property, then, but it's done so flawlessly and so joyfully that it is virtually impossible to not let this melody take you to your happy place. With unkempt bushy hair and dark eyes, he's a bit of a looker too, girls. Or guys, if you're that way inclined.

Grace Kelly is out now on download, and released physically on January 29th.