Digitonal - Save Your Light For Darker Days

Alex Skinner 11/09/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

Setting it's stall out with an array of ambient, transient, wonderful sounds that flood out of the album inviting you on a pulchritudinous trip to ambient-land.

Experimental sounds, these are crafted Digitonal compositions from just a trio of musicians are staggering. Sounds are decorated together like a Bob Ross painting a woodland forest. It soaks into any chilled backgrounds, more suited for Sunday tea parties with nice scones, or reading a book with a glass of Siglo wine.

Producer and instrumentalist (IDM survivor and 65daysofstatic collaborator), Andy Dobson has shown us something melancholy enough to raise the atmospheric roof. Stemming from meeting one Egyptian session Violinist Sammy Bishai and throw a harp etc in for good measure. They have created cinematic wonderment with a twist of electronica and classical demur.

'Save Your Light For Darker Days', released the 4th August will work just fine.