Hard-Fi - Better Do Better

Emily Tartanella 10/04/2006

Rating: 2/5

Seeing as there are entire internet communities dedicated to hating on Hard-Fi, I feel I should watch my words carefully. After all, the band is in many ways the epitome of the problems cause by the modern industry. Hard-Fi are overhyped, overblown, overproduced and overrated. Seems like everywhere you turn, there's Richard Archer's serial-killer eyes and a comment like “We are all the cash machine,” followed by a glowing review of whatever “opus” they've released now.
But credit where credit's due, they can belt out a damn tune. The ace “Hard to Beat” may have had some gratuitously inane lyrics, but its insatiable dance beat went running in a mental loop for weeks after. “Better do Better” is less glam-disco and more lighter-waving epic with hints of anthemic U2 towards the end and ample doses of bile, effectively a “Dry Your Eyes”- lite. But lyrically it's still weak (“I cried so much my face/has never been the same”) and though its soaring chorus has a certain charm, there's not quite enough to raise Hard-Fi to the hype they've received.