Twin Atlantic - What is Light? Where is Laughter?

Richard Wink 24/11/2009

Rating: 1.5/5

Would you call this Emo? Or would you call this dated?

Twin Atlantic has missed the boat it seems with this slab of Taking Back Sunday sounding emptiness. The twiddly guitars and the exaggerated earnest vocals have been done a million times before, and really this is fodder for scenesters.

Since they are Scottish Twin Atlantic are bound to have a fiercely passionate local following, but if they have a desire to follow their brethren Biffy Clyro into Arenas and Charts they need to shape their sound more, the jerky dynamic is weedy and becomes unbearable after a short while. Like cheap beer the song passes quickly through, the hooks few and far between, the lyrics instantly forgettable

Twin Atlantic are rocking in a genre that's time has passed, this single is unlikely to win any new fans.