The Good Natured - Be My Animal

Luke Langlands 02/11/2010

Rating: 3/5

Nope, this isn't Ellie Goulding (although you'd be forgiven for thinking it was…I thought it was at first!) It is in fact The Good Natured (aka Sarah McIntosh) and her new single Be My Animal, which was released today.

McIntosh's exuberant, teenage tenacity oozes throughout the single, and constantly drives the song with familiar synthesizers and background a cappella. Whether you like it or not, this track sticks to you even more than a stick insect clings onto a sticky stick when held down with superglue. The chorus is devilishly memorable and is perfect for mass commercial radio. It is very much a 'modern' single, in every sense. The track plaintively has 19 year-old McIntosh calling out for her new lover to 'seek me out, hunt me down' - It's tribal, animalistic, and very much a mirror of what it's like being a teenager.

This is her second official single, and it sounds assured, confident and, critically, treads the water between the shallow end of pop music accessibility, and the alternative deep end. It sounds brand new and 'fits in' with the world, but I'm not sure if people will be listening to this song in a few years time. I'm fairly certain there are bigger and better things to come from The Good Natured, though.