Uncaused Creation - Self-Titled

Owain Paciuszko 21/05/2009

Rating: 3/5

Brilliantly monikered brothers Constantine and Marios Magdalinos, along with two others, make up London based rock outfit Uncaused Creation. This debut EP is four tracks of Muse and Nu-metal influenced indie rock in varying combinations; with Time Will Show Us utilising the kind of vocal production usually reserved for the 'slow' bits of Linkin Park songs and Tell Me What You Want delivering a pretty straight-forward early-Muse riff.

Never See Me Crawl throws in some interesting production flourishes here and there, but, despite being a decent little tune, it's nothing particularly special; though it does show off some of the guitarist's Kiss like noodlings at the song's close. Final track Anticipation sees the band at first playing with a slower, sweeter sound before throwing in the big, grumbling guitar and bass lines and distant, processed vocals for that 'last broadcast' feel, whilst the singer intones 'Stay alive,stay alive, it's only me.' It's one of those end of the world numbers that has become a tad cliche in the rock cannon, but they do it reasonably well here; if not too familiarly.

On the strength of this debut EP Uncaused Creation have nothing new to offer the world of rock and roll, but they can put together a song with skill and dynamics, and may find themselves the subject of some attention as a result. However, they do seem to have the capacity to create something different and individual and hopefully this will come through on their LP, which they're currently in the process of recording.