The Minutes - Fleetwood

Owain Paciuszko 07/10/2010

Rating: 4/5

Second single from Dublin trio evokes big fat classic rock with considerable skill, it opens with a massive guitar riff, huge drumming, a hint of handclap and lead singer Mark Austin sounding like a baffling mix of Peter Gabriel and Patti Smith, no, really. He bellows 'I can be your Jesus' with enough cocksure swagger that while you doubt his miraculous abilities, your inclined to allow him the delusion for at least three minutes and eight seconds. Then along comes the harmonica solo, the guitars turn into a delicious wall of noise and, though this is absolute rock cheese it's relentlessly fun.

Naturally this track is a doff of the cap to Fleetwood Mac, who are an influence on the band, but the song itself comes across as more of a rollicking, old school pop-rock number with shades of AC/DC at their most carefree and silly. I'm very keen to hear what else this bunch have up their sleeves.