Ash - Polaris

Holly Cruise 22/06/2007

Rating: 3/5

So Ash have decided they are no longer releasing albums after the latest, Twilight Of The Innocents, and will only be producing singles, possibly in a download only format. As a classic example of a band whose best work is their singles collection (the superb Intergalactic Sonic 7”s) this might not be a massive loss. Provided they're being serious this means 'Polaris' is one of the last singles which we can also expect to hear as part of a larger whole. Not that it's entirely necessary.

Did I mention that Ash are a classic singles band? This is a big Ash ballad, all soaring strings and Tim Wheeler trying to cover over the fact that his voice isn't best suited to ballads although he gives it a damn good go as ever. As indie ballads go it's a little out of time, and would have probably been a huge hit in 2001, but there's no good reason to hold that against it. It won't make many people's top ten Ash songs, but it's well constructed and played. And at least some copies will come in a nice CD case with a flashing LED star (Polaris, natch) to distract any doubters. Pity you can't give away flashing LEDs with mp3 downloads, eh lads?

Released: 18/06/2007

Watch the video here