Wolfmother - Dimension

Georgie O'Toole 17/04/2006

Rating: 4/5

Waaaaooooooooooh! Is the opening to this anthemic offering from Australian upstarts Wolfmother, and it epitomises the song better than any convoluted metaphors a reviewer could develop - but we'll try anyway.

A song which doesn't so much induce foot-tapping as it calls for a foot clobbering from a group of wily young ASBO holders in combat boots (in the best possible way),'Dimension' is a lovely little tune, already shimmying up MTV2's NME chart - and why wouldn't it? OK, so the lyrics might be a bit progtastic for some, with talk of 'purple hazes in the sky' and 'temples made out of paper', but with the thumping drum beats and climactic guitars, even the most mainstream-orientated hipsters will find themselves struggling not to hum along.

If you threw The Hives and The Vines in a blender, added just a smidgen of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, set the whole concoction on fire before swigging it down in one gulp, this song would be the only thing you'd remember the next morning. And you'd be bloody glad you hadn't forgotten it.