Trap 6 - Get It On/The Cycle

Dan Round 28/08/2006

Rating: 4/5

21 seconds into Get It On, Trap 6's lead singer and chief songwriter Gary Curley announces on top of crunching, harsh guitars it's “just another song to tell the world about my brand new revolution”. It sure is, and they don't fail to impress on manifesting their aesthetic. It certainly seems as if Trap6 have revelled in creating their very own philosophical overview of modern life in Britain. Both this track and the song it shares the A-Side with, The Cycle, are filled with boozy bars, hectic Saturday nights, work, money, and life in general for bored twenty-something Brits. Curley himself claims “Trap 6 really strikes a chord with a generation of disillusioned youth”, and he could well be right - that is, of course, on the condition they become huge and sell loads of records. On this evidence, the band should be big within a matter of months. They could feasibly fit well into the current indie scene - Trap 6's taste for melody, aggressive guitar playing and everyday life lyrics would sit them nicely alongside the like of NME's favourites Arctic Monkeys, The Maccabees, as well as fellow Scots, The Fratellis (who Trap 6 have previously supported). Both Get It On and The Cycle have repeated fragments of melody, but not so much as to make the songs boring or tedious - they maintain a constant youthful energy backed with urgent, upbeat guitars. Another Curley saying: “Don't let the grind wear you down”. If Trap 6 carry on with such passion, dedication and raw musicianship, they certainly won't wear down. A fantastic new band, who deserve to become indie darlings.

Out on itunes, on August the 21st.