The Wednesday Club - Katapult

Oli Shilling 27/01/2010

Rating: 3.5/5

The Wednesday Club are a four piece comprised of three songwriters, and some other guy. That fact alone is evident throughout this 30-minute record as your mind is taken through 15 short tracks that are about as diverse as Harrow. Influences are drawn like a child choosing pick n mix; some may not like the odd track, but on the whole, it's hard to hate the experience.

Katapult is a quirky pop record, with a happy indie sound that could be plucked from any of the last three decades, or even further back. It's instantly likeable, with opener 'Trust Thing's jangly guitars and sweet melodies over afrobeats, being typical of the catchy and concise songs the album holds. All but one of the songs are shorter than three minutes long, with some causing my 10 second cross fade effect on iTunes to have a dramatic effect; such as the inventively titled 'Schrödinger's Catflap', which actually acts well to break different parts of the album. Most catchy is the harmonic 'Biscuit Cramps', whilst final track 'Citalogasm' has a choir repeating “Fuck the world, fuck the whole wide world”; imagine that in the most pleasant way possible, it's actually lovely.

There are a lot of nice sounds being created by The Wednesday Club here, but whether the album works successfully is another issue. It's certainly worth a couple of plays to let the melodies infect you, then maybe one or two more to satisfy the cravings, but it's not here for the long haul.