The Graceful Slicks - EP2

Owain Paciuszko 24/01/2011

Rating: 3/5

Opening with the lively Yardbirds-like rattle of I'm Not The Only One, a fuzzy pop song decrying their place in modern times, with ramshackle guitars and smooth bass. It's a jaunty start and one a little different to the generally more psychedelic stylings of their previous EP, a style that resurfaces on the swaggering, groover Bravery Through Repetitions, a hazy, woozy stoner rock number enlivened by barked cries of 'Yeah!' which coasts along with a vibe similar to more experimental, skittish The Charlatans tracks but perks up with daffy vocal moments, giving it a slightly erratic, addled texture.

Closing track The End has a flavour of Welsh troubadour Alex Dingley tumbling down a spacey rabbit-hole of 60s infused rock, with abstract and slightly spooky vocal layering creating a suitably freaky atmosphere inbetween the dry verses. It peters out rather than reaching any woozy or climatic finale, but is a decent finish to this thoroughly listenable, if not exactly ground-breaking EP. The Graceful Slicks are snuggling comfortably into the pre-established model of psychedlic pop and rock that has gone before, it's getting close to the time when they've either got break free or get squished.