Blood Red Shoes - This is Not For You

Paul Cook 13/07/2008

Rating: 2.5/5

Taken from debut album Box of Secrets the UK's answer to The White Stripes as they have so frequently been dubbed, Blood Red Shoes release the rough and ready This is Not For You. Opening with a raw, distorted riff and prominent vocals the new single is a simple but effective mixture of heavy drums, riffs and forcefully sung lyrics. However, this is all the new single has to offer failing to progress into anything slightly varied. A promising guitar solo is quickly and abruptly ended and the track falls back into its sub-standard rhythm. Blood Red Shoes, a band capable of better things, will surely disappoint listeners with This is Not For You but is hopefully an anomaly on their forthcoming debut album Box of Secrets

This is Not For You is out now on V2 Records.