Doves - Winter Hill

Craig Broad 19/07/2009

Rating: 4/5

There once seemed a time when Doves were everywhere. After slowly building a fan base and a status as the newest big hitters in the 'indie' scene, you could find Doves in the charts, receiving great reviews via big publications and high in the bill for the biggest of UK festivals. Following the release and subsequent touring of Some Cities in 2005, Doves seemed to disappear and Elbow seemed to creep in, using the same indie but more thought provoking style to steal their glory until 2009's release of Kingdom Of Rust which saw Doves back in the charts, on every ones lips and in every ones ears once more.

Winter Hill is the second single from that album that carved its name in the mainstream charts at an impressive number 2. Straight away, Winter Hill showcases a band that are comfortable with their talents and know how to pen a great single, while the single Kingdom Of Rust was something alittle different, Winter Hill is a straight up radio friendly indie song. This is by no means a criticism either because when you hear a melody in a chorus as beautiful as the chorus on Winter Hill, you can't criticise, you just have to admire.

Elbow may be huge right now and there is no doubt that they and Doves sound alike but still, this reviewer feels that there should be enough room in the masses for these two amazing bands to sit side by side. If you have somehow missed out on this band so far, it may be time to do a u-turn and check them out.

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