Death Cab For Cutie - Soul Meets Body

Clark Summers 10/10/2005

Rating: 3/5

“Soul Meets Body” is the first single to be taken from Death Cab's new album for the devil… sorry I mean Atlantic Records of course! Pious indie kids in the U.S. vowed to boycott the Seattle quartet's new album as the band had the audacity to leave the credible (indie) Barsuk label after being lured by the major label buck. The band may be signed to a multi-national now but otherwise “Soul Meets Body” finds them unchanged in pretty much every other respect. Indie kids should note that this single is available on 7” only. Guitars jangle a la Peter Buck, Ben Gibbard still sings in that sweet high register and the lyrical theme of this record will be familiar to those who delighted in 2003's “Transatlanticism”. Unfortunately S.M.B. is not one of DCFC's finest hours. It's a pleasant enough college rock tune but the lack of a strong chorus mean it's unlikely to provide the mainstream breakthrough that such a great band deserves - more's the pity.