Duran Duran - Falling Down

Matt Clutton 23/10/2007

Rating: 3/5

Over the last three decades there are few bands who can say they have had as much success. Duran Duran's forthcoming single 'Falling Down', taken from the soon to be released 'Red Carpet Massacre', is billed by many to be a pivotal point in the band's career. Either sending the band back to the heady days of the New Romantic period of the '80s or rendering them red faced as they skulk their way to the discount shelf quicker than you can say G4.

'Falling Down' sees the close collaboration of the band with the 'trouser-snake' himself Justin Timberlake making it one of his debut solo productions. The single's close collaboration also with renowned US producer Timbaland is of no surprise as he seems to consistently follow Timberlake from project to project further reaffirming their indelible partnership.

Charged with the task of rustling up a mid-tempo track that could bridge the great divide in musical genres the net result is a fresh sound for the band but seemingly dull in comparison to a back catalogue of rapid fire, lyrically rich and vibrant tracks like 'Rio' and 'Hungry Like The Wolf'. Certainly the overriding influence of Timberlake is evident with the usual melodic danceable beat and heavy bass line. Guitars and accompanying vocals from John and Andy Taylor shadow like the staple components they are, chaperoned only by Timberlake's annoying copycat take on Michael Jackson's human beat box routine.

A new route musically for the band but a far stretch from the success of 'Rio' and 'Notorious'.

Released 5/11/2007