Piranha Deathray - Dolly Dolly/Last Australian In Space

Mike Caulfield 07/10/2006

Rating: 1/5

If the recent Pulp re-issues have proved anything it's that they were the best band of the rather over-rated Brit-pop movement, overlooked compared to Blur and Oasis, and far greater than the footnote ranking they initially received on the strength of 'Common People'. But had they achieved “best band in the world” statues originally then there would be far more awful, lowly plagiarist groups around like Piranha Deathray.

Singer Blonde Jeremy delivers his best Bryan Ferry/ Jarvis Cocker croon over sleek, guitars-meet-synthesisers, backdrop on 'Dolly Dolly', which also contains some of the most annoying bass playing heard outside of an episode of Seinfeld. The flipside fares little better, from its faux disco infused backbeat, to its ridiculous title, it has very little to draw you in or warrant further listens.

Of course Piranha Deathray are writing songs with their tongues firmly wedged in their cheeks, but why bother expending so much time and energy on a joke that wears-thin before the end of a three minute single?