The Veils - The Veils -Advice for Young Mothers to be.

Bill Cummings 30/08/2006

The Veils release their new album Nux Vomica through Rough Trade Records on Monday September 18th. A single Advice For Young Mothers To Be precedes the album by one week on September 11th. Watch the video here:

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Nux Vomica ('The Poison Tree' is an evergreen, native to South East Asia and is a major source of the poisonous strychnine, its also a cure for gastric complaints) was recorded in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles with producer Nick Launay (Nick Cave, Lou Reed), then mixed in London by Bill Price (The Clash, The Libertines).

Of the forthcoming single Advice For Young Mothers To Be, vocalist / guitarist / songwriter, Finn Andrews explains "it's my take on the people I went to school with all suddenly having babies. But it's sung from the mother's perspective so it's a little bizarre".

The Veils debut album The Runaway Found received glowing reviews on it's release in February 2004, ranging from "an intoxicating, hugely promising new find" (Uncut) to " huge passions in song, marvellous (NME)" and "a stunning new voice" (Q Magazine).

The personnel who constituted The Runaway Found, split up two months after the record's release. Finn Andrews (son of Barry Andrews - XTC & Shriekback) returned from London (where he was born, in 1983) to New Zealand (where he'd moved during his teens) and recruited new musicians. The Veils are now: Finn Andrews (vocals, guitar): Sophia Burn (bass, vocals): Liam Gerard (piano, organ) and touring players Henning Dietz (Drums) & Dan Raishbrook (guitar).

According to the pressy: "Nux Vomica - the triumphant album, not the corrupted tree - is an animal with a huge reach, big ambitions and precise poetic intensity. Both so intimate it's whispering in your ear, and so epic it stretches across your entire field of vision, it's surely one of 2006's most startling and successful sonic journeys. Here is a young, yearning voice to be reckoned with."