Thomas Tantrum - Armchair

Patrick Hinton 22/12/2006

Rating: 4/5

Thomas Tantrum are a four-piece band, originating from Southampton. The lead singer, the enigmatic Miss Mega also plays lead guitar. On backing vocals and guitar is David Matt, on bass is the wonderfully named Jimmy Shivers and on Drums, is Mr Ken Robshaw.
If you've ever heard of a band called 'The Noisettes' then 'Thomas Tantrum' have a comparable female fronted punk sound, but with some very 'wiry guitar patterns' (a Quote from Miss Mega herself) The bands new debut single 'Armchair' was released on the 4th of December, and is limited to 100 copies: 500 copies on 7” vinyl and 500 on CD. The single is released on the hip 'marquis cha cha' label. Other bands on this label include 'The Bromhead Jackets' and 'The Oxfam Glamour Models.'

“Armchair” has a hint of 'The Breeders' about it, if you think back to the 1970's you will get more of a feel for the sound TT are trying to create. I really like this single, because of its punk roots, but it isn't a straight ahead punk rock record, more of punk-folk if there is such a thing! I think this band will hit the big time soon, their next gig is on December the 31st where they play the new years party at London's Macbeth.