Kaiser Chiefs - Everything is Average Nowadays

Ross Drummond 28/05/2007

Rating: 0/5

Wikipedia informed me that B* Unique has a roster of the following bands.. The Ordinary Boys, The Automatic, Pull Tiger Tail, Alterkicks, The Twang, Babyshambles and Kaiser Chiefs, perhaps some of the most banal, dull and boring music to ever come out of a Lon-don independent.

And so it is not with a sense of 'oh how funny' that the Kaiser Chiefs new single is entitled 'Everything is Average Nowadays' but the worrying fact that a song so bland and so below average should be released. As the melody (albeit a painfully catchy one) leaves the monotone drone of Wilson and the band go through those oh so interesting chord changes perhaps a friday afternoon in a primary school music class would bring a more rewarding and interesting listening experience.

Release Date:21/05/2007