Trail - To The Rest Of The World

Craig Broad 02/04/2010

Rating: 3/5

Trail and their album 'To The Rest Of The World' isn't something I hugely want to write about excessively. Somewhere inbetween the rocky mainstream moments of bands like Lifehouse and perhaps just the ability to pen a catchy song like let us say Take That, they are both listenable and if you are me, unlistenable, in equal measure.

Musically, they are very standard. This is ground that has been successfully covered by the likes of Nickleback already in that it is rock but it has that polished over feel that shouldn't offend you but yet somehow does. Vocally, Trail are extremely strong, Charlie Afif somehow venturing into perhaps a Savage Garden niche, which to my surprise works a lot better than expected and certainly brings out the emotion double fold in comparison to your gravelly Scott Stapp-esque rock singers. Every song on the album has that potential single feel about it and you can imagine each one being played at a mainstream time on Radio One and even some making it on those cheesy american teen sitcoms that seem to be ambusing E4 currently. 'Worry Free' is perhaps the stand-out track for me, mostly lyrically. If you ignore the sickly sweet "If you journey with me, I'm worry free" then you will get to what I deem to be the near perfect line of "What is life if not a collection of treasured moments", Gary Barlow would be proud indeed.

It isn't original and it isn't particularly fantastic but if your mum enjoys the likes of Take That mixed with Nickleback and other watered down rock acts then I am pretty sure that she would enjoy this.

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