Bjork - Earth Intruders

Bill Cummings 27/04/2007

Rating: 4/5

Icelandic post-modern pixie, Bjork makes a welcome return with "Earth Intruders" the first track downloadable single to be taken from her new "Volta" out on One Little Indian on the 7th of May. Leading an army of insatiable instrumentalists including African music stars Konono No 1, and improvisational drummer Chris Corsana, it's a textured rhythm that thunders into your head like a thousand stomping mechanical ant's feet.

The entire soundscape is given a modern metallic bite by Timabland on production duties who splatters squelching electronic splodges all over this multicoloured aural landscape. Whilst Bjork's vocals, as ever, are superbly nuanced: switching from hypnotic spear in hand war chanting ("We are the earth intruders/We are the sharp Shooters") to typical grandiose philosophical swoops: that rush through your skull.

A global anthem that juxtaposes Futuristic Missy Elliot-esque pop sheen against the rustic sounds of African music, placing Bjork's sound playfully back to the dance floor work of Debut and Post, and sprinkles it with a twist. Bjork's unique personality may not be to everyone's tastes: Erratic, Bizarre and a quite frankly a bit barking, but don't let that fool you. She's a modern musical artist of serious serious quality, with a thirst for invention that's maybe only matched by Bowie and Beck. A multicoloured bricolage of sounds: “Earth Intruders” is pop music that both invigorates and intrigues.